The Preferred Method for Using Rope Scrape


Locate traveled area with a tree with a vertical limb to attach synthetic rope scrape. Then the non-frayed end and place approx. 1 foot off the ground. Taking the other end and typing it to the vertical limb so it extends about a foot off the ground. Scrape is deployed.

A man holding a stick in his hands.


The more you put into a project the better the results! Using the steps below will increase and ensure better results.

A green circle with the number 1 in it.

You may need additional rope to reach desired height of scrape.

A green circle with the number 2 in it.

Knots above the frayed end in the rope will create resistance for the rack. Up to 4 knots may be made.

A rope tied to a wooden pole with a pencil stuck in it.
A rope hanging from the end of a tree.
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Applying a weed killer approximately 8 feet around the base of the scrape will encourage the deer to visit and feel safe in the desired area.

A green circle with the number four in it.

Fraying the end will give a foliage teel to the face of the whitetail for more realistic leaf feeling.