Buck Urine Rope Scrape


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Buck Urine Rope Scrape made with 1/2″ x 4″ Hemp rope vaccuum sealed, infused with buck urine scent to encourage deer to your hunting area.

Directions: Locate Traveled Area With A Tree A Horizontal Limb To Attach Synthetic Rope Scrape. Then The Frayed End And Place Approximately One Foot Of The Ground. Taking The Other End And Tying It To The Horizontal Limb So That It Extends About A Foot Of The Ground. Scrape Is Deployed.


1. Knots Above The Frayed End In The Rope Will Create Resistance For The Deer, Up To Four Knots May Be Made.

2. Applying A Weed Killer Approximately 8 Feet Around The Base Of The Scrape Will Encourage The Deer To Visit And Feel Safe In The Desired Area. (If Needed)

3. Fraying The End Will Give A Foliage Feel To The Face Of The Whitetail For More Realistic Leaf Feeling.

4. Remove Leaves, Weeds, Etc. Down To Bare Earth Approximately 2 To 3 Feet Diameter To Start Scrape Process.

5. The More You Put Into A Project The Better The Results! Using The Above Steps Will Increase And Ensure Better Results.

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